בעידן שבו המידע הארגוני הוא הנכס החשוב ביותר, פעולות כגון פריצה לתשתיות הארגון מבפנים או מבחוץ, הצפנת המידע או זליגה של המידע עלולות להסב נזק עצום לארגון.

הניסיון העשיר של קבוצת SQLink בפרויקטי IT ותשתיות מאפשר למומחי הקבוצה לספק לכל ארגון, בכל סדר גודל, פתרון מקיף ומתקדם להגנה על התשתיות שלו.

הפתרונות המתקדמים שלנו הינם פתרונות מנוהלים מבוססי ענן המשלבים מערכות מתקדמות לצד מומחי Cyber Security הדואגים לזיהוי מתקפות או התנהגויות חריגות בזמן אמת ולבלום אותם.


CyberLink SOC facility is successful through its uncompromising use of highly skilled human capital, recruited from the most well-known Israeli military Intelligence Units, in facilitating the services and the systems appropriate to each and every customer, dealing with their needs in overcoming Cyber-Attacks and following up with investigative reports delivering complete solutions.

OT & iOT protection

- Unified OT and IT soc, connect your OT and iOT devices to one dashboard!

- Configuration and implementation of HMI / SCADA system, Design and Implementation of complete industrial controllers’ system

- Design and Implementation of BMS (Building Management System)

- Control and automation

- SW & OT Cyber Security

CISO as a service

Regulations and different information security standards are becoming one of the important legates that have a huge influence on the world’s cyber market.

Therefore, organizations need to refer to regulations such as GDPR and standards such as ISO27001, SSDLC (Secured Software Development Life Cycle)

CyberLink CISO can offer to your organization a various solutions and services that will assist you to achieve your goal by doing a perfect match between the organization needs and our offered services

Cloud Security visibility

Cyberlink are official MSP of ORCA security Get workload – level Security into AWS, Azure, and GCP – without agents Great cloud visibility, Detect every important cloud security risk in minutes, not months, such as: Unpatched asset, vulnerable software, lateral movement, data at risk, PII and more.


Cyberlink are official MSP of REVIVESEC A revolutionary solution that will safeguard your security devices every minute to ensure they remain stable, healthy, and efficient.

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