Solutions and services in the technology worlds

SQLink Group provides a wide spectrum of advanced solutions and services in the fields of: software development, BI tests and big data, infrastructures and cyber, digital, consultation, technology training and more…

More than 2,500 employees of the group bring advanced technological capabilities with them, and provide a readily available, professional solution to leading companies and organizations in Israel

Technology and development

SQLink has rich experience in characterization, planning, development and deployment of information technology solutions. We provide consultation in fields of software development, development in diverse technology environments, integration between IT systems (EAI) and enterprise portals.
Our customers benefit from the most precise solutions for them, through a combination of our in-depth technology knowledge and our comprehensive business perspective.

BI/ big data services

In a varying, dynamic reality, knowledge is no longer power, but the ability to analyze it correctly in order to streamline enterprise processes and gain a lead over parameters.
A broad, innovative suite of solutions in the BI and big data analytics fields provides you a real-time, current technological answer in the field of data warehouses, analysis and control, leverage of existing information systems, predictive analytics, cloud based analytics and interconnection of BI systems for your organization’s business needs and more.

Digital solutions

Innovation, boldness and unlimited curiosity are the factors that motivate us in every project and constitute the secret of the success of our technology solution suite in mobile, IU/UK and Web environments. All our customers enjoy personalized advanced digital arrays that are expressed in digital products, from websites and mobile applications to management and upgrading of the organization’s digital asset set.

QA and automation services

The world of tests and automation goes through constant upgrades, with the aim of reducing the possibility of error.
We bring with us a range of innovative, revolutionary QA and automation solutions combined with deployment of custom advanced methodologies in the keywords driven development and framework fields. We set up ad hoc test centers, convert from manual tests to automation, penetration testing and functional tests. This way we promise to provide our customers peace of mind, confidence and the best and most suitable answer.
If you contact us, you cannot go wrong!

Technology training

The strongest technology companies and startups in the market desperately seek new talents… but do not find them.
To provide a solution and bring new blood into high tech, we have established the SQLABS technology training center. The center offers a range of training tracks and a place to acquire practical skill using the Boot camp method – in the technology fields that are in the highest demand in the industry and with full financing by us. All of our training programs are conveyed by leading mentors in the industry. As soon as the training program is over, the program’s graduates integrate in development functions in leading companies in the economy.

Advisors and experts

SQLink provides consultation services in software, hardware, infrastructure, testing and automation, information security information systems and other fields.
The company’s experts support the customers during work routine or in specific projects, examine the relevant aspects, set indices (qualitative and quantitative), offer solutions, processes for improvement and help in the adoption of the required changes – from the team level to the whole organization level.
The company’s team of advisors has rich experience in a wide spectrum of technology projects.

Infrastructures and cyber

To feel safe in today’s real world, it is first necessary to feel safe in the virtual and digital one. This issue becomes particularly critical in the case of a technology company or organization that has enormous banks of sensitive information, knowledge and data. To allow you to feel safe and at ease, we have developed cyber and infrastructure services that include: design and setup of servers, communication networks and information security.
The service is provided through skilled teams, allowing our customers to be provided with immediate, real time support of worlds of computer maintenance, projects and infrastructures, cloud services and more.

Technology personnel recruitment

How does one find and hire the latest talents while they are thinking of their next overseas trip rather than their next job?
We specialize in finding and hiring talents and experienced high tech workers for a range of jobs in the fields of software engineering, algorithms, analysis, hardware engineering, research, infrastructures, system, QA, information systems, product management, information security and more.

Our clients include commercial companies, corporations, hi-tech companies and public organizations from all sectors of the economy. Over the years, we have accompanied thousands of entities and provided them comprehensive and creative solutions to a variety of technology issues and complex organizational challenges. We are proud to be partners in their success and to stand beside them every step of the way.

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