Personalized IT services

The SQLINK Group, which is composed of six companies specializing across IT infrastructure, software, the Internet and digital, collectively provides its clients an extensive and excellent portfolio of most computing and IT solutions. More than 2,000 employees contribute of their advanced technological capabilities, enabling the SQLINK Group to provide professional and timely response to leading companies and organizations in the Israeli market.


BoarDirector is an innovative, one-of-a-kind system that enables its users to manage board meetings, record meeting minutes, monitor decisions made, and ensure that members of the board act in accordance with the law and regulations, and in fact reduce the risks they face.

Social Networks

Our new media division will manage the Internet environment for you and convert your digital assets – website, Facebook, mobile, YouTube, and others – into a winning marketing and image management tool.

A Managing Corporate Governance System

easy2comply is an innovative system from CheckPoint, dedicated to the management of corporate governance. It allows the organization to centrally and effectively manage all the control systems required to meet compliance with standards...

Technologies for Protecting Information

DataSEC provides consulting and professional accompaniment to enhance the information security technologies in the enterprise and ensure business continuity. It also prepares the organization for compliance with relevant regulations...

Managed Services

YSIDE provides its clients with a wide variety of managed services, allowing them to focus on their business activities and removing the burden of their having to recruit, train and manage employees and invest in resources for routine IT management. 

Methodologies for Protecting Information

DataSEC experts will examine the methodology your organization has in place to protect its information from cyber and other attacks. They conduct risk analyses, formulate the correct methodologies, policies, and procedures to protect...

Website Construction

Our website construction department is one of the leaders in field in Israel. It will study your company and your clients, research, plan, characterize, design, develop and build a high-quality, smart, technologically advanced website for you. It will be a visually appealing website that increases traffic...

System Center

YSIDE experts install products from the Microsoft System Center family, enabling your IT people to effectively manage your data systems, technologies, data center, and end stations.

Mobile Developments

Our skilled team of mobile developers will modify your Internet website for smartphones and tablets and, according to your specifications, develop dedicated applications to suit all operating systems and all types of devices.

IT Infrastructure Consultation

In every infrastructure process due to be undertaken in your organization, and particularly for large and complex projects, you’ll be accompanied by accomplished and experienced experts, who will give you comprehensive, professional and effective advice for the long term.

Employee Placement - Software

All the experienced recruiting coordinators at GotFriends have a background in technology and insider knowledge of the software world. They will locate the professional candidates and technology experts you seek to staff a variety of software vacancies.

Studio for Digital Branding

Our dedicated digital branding studio offers companies and organizations a complete branding service, which includes formulating a digital strategy, producing creative and targeted messages, designing a visual language for the brand, and correctly managing the brand in the Internet arena.

Employee Placement - Hardware

The GotFriends social network will perform the initial screening for you and allow you to reach top-end professionals who are most suited to the specific job you have on offer.


Employee Placement - IT Infrastructure

All the experienced recruiting coordinators at GotFriends specialize in locating candidates for a broad range of roles in all areas of IT infrastructure. Our social network offers a huge pool of candidates so you can benefit from infrastructure experts of especially...

Enterprise Portals

Our experienced and professional development department will plan and develop an enterprise portal that meets all your requirements, is individually adapted for your specific needs, and built on the most technologically advanced and user-friendly platforms.

Software Solutions

For every organizational need, current or future, our development department offers smart, advance software solutions based on unique characterization, adapted to the organizational structure, with special emphasis on efficiency, information security, and required performance levels.

Computer Maintenance

Experienced teams will take care of ongoing maintenance of the IT systems in your offices, quickly resolving any problem and responding to any request, allowing you to focus on your business activity with peace of mind and without unnecessary worries.

Our clients include commercial companies, corporations, hi-tech companies and public organizations from all sectors of the economy. Over the years, we have accompanied thousands of entities and provided them comprehensive and creative solutions to a variety of technology issues and complex organizational challenges. We are proud to be partners in their success and to stand beside them every step of the way.

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